Anime music and Japanese music is the theme. You can be the DJ. is an awesome community of weebs and Japanese music enthusiasts.

Using the power of, we listen to a wide variety of music; and anyone can choose what song plays next on the radio.

Come listen to the hottest songs from Jpop & Jrock to Vocaloid music and Anime OST!

Still not convinced?

Step 1. Search for your favorite Anime music or Japanese music on Youtube or Soundcloud, and add it to a playlist.

Step 2. Install SenpaiScript, and write /check in chat to see if your song abides by all the rules.

Step 3. Join the wait list, and wait for your turn to DJ.

Step 4. Talk in the chat and listen to other people's songs while waiting for your turn.

Step 5. Find a new song to play, and join the wait list again!

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