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How to export your playlists

​Note before starting: Songs that are no longer available, will not be transferred, make sure to check your playlists before backing them up. Some of the scripts will notify you of this though, but its better to deal with as many as possible before starting up.


Exporting options:


1. This tool will transfer your top 10 playlists, and create YouTube and SoundCloud playlists out of them. (You need SoundCloud/YouTube accounts.)

Note: Be sure to login to your correct YouTube account before importing.


2. Use this website to easily transfer all YouTube and SoundCloud songs from all of your playlists to YouTube/SoundCloud. It's best to use Chrome for the uploading part.

3. Use this tool to create a text doc with links to all of your YouTube and SoundCloud songs. One playlist at a time.

Disclaimer: While we have tested these tools, they were built a long time ago and were not created by us, so we can't make any promises that they will work as intended for you.

If you found a better method, or something is horribly broken - give us a shout.

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