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There was some debate as to whether AMVs that weren't in Japanese or had music that wasn't from an Anime should be allowed. We held a poll and the result was that people would rather not have these types of AMVs played in the room.

Therefore now only AMVs that are in Japanese or have music from an Anime can be played.

Question: Should Non-Japanese (Music) AMVs be allowed?

Yes - I want AMVs even if they are in English
No - I am here strictly for Japanese and Anime Music. (AMV/MAD in Japanese WILL be allowed)

Note: Only votes by people who joined the room before the poll started were counted. (12/8/2013 8 AM GMT)

There was also some possible fraud in 6 of the votes cast against AMVs. To be on the safe side those votes were deleted.

This poll was to ensure that we have a proper understanding of the communities position on English AMVs.

A couple people approached me saying that they did not enjoy sped up songs. So we held a poll about Slowed down/Sped up songs and about nightcore.


(Nightcore was included so that there would not be any arguments regarding what is considered sped up and what is nightcore.)

Result: Was looking for a landslide, but it was very close, with the majority vote asking for there to be no change in the rules. So we did not change the rules for a couple years.

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