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OngakuScript is a script that checks songs for you while on Youtube; so you don't have to wait till you have added it to your plug playlist to find out if it is against the rules, or was played recently.

Overplayed songs and songs that break the rules can easily have over 30 versions, with new versions being added all the time. It's important to check the overplayed list, check it wasn't played today and to read our rules!


How to get it:


We created a Userscript that will automatically load OngakuScript for you, follow the steps below to install it.

Step 1:
Choose the browser that you use, and install the browser extension.

Step 2:
Once you have the extension installed, click here and then click "Install".

Installing OngakuScript

Step 3:
Once it's installed, go to Youtube and click "Check". It's in the top right corner. Press it each time you want to check :)

Additional Features:

1. Marking a song (Removed for now due to YouTube update)

You can click "Mark" above the video description to mark a song. The "Mark" will show up on that song whenever you see it on YouTube, and you can use it for multiple reasons. Such as if you added it to your playlist already, or if you watched it but it doesn't interest you.

Marks are stored in your browser's storage, so don't use them as permanent solution for anything, and they only work for the same browser/computer they were created on.


1. Saving marked songs

If you want to backup your marked songs or just move them to another browser/computer read the guide below.
Please note that if you don't follow the instructions correctly it may mess up your OngakuScript, so please be careful and if you are not sure about something, ask Uri or Vitric.

Step 1:
Go to YouTube with OngakuScript loaded and click F12.

Step 2:
Paste in the browser console that popped up window.localStorage.getItem('marked'); and press enter.

Step 3:
Copy the result the popped into the console.

Step 4:
Save the result somewhere. That is your backup.

Step 5:
To add them back, go the the browser you want and open the browser console again.


Step 6:
Remove the outer double quote marks from the backup data ( " ).
For example "{"eKN7o4-Lvo0":1473045587016}" should be turned into {"eKN7o4-Lvo0":1473045587016}

Step 7:
Paste the backup data inside of this and then enter it into the console:
window.localStorage.setItem('marked', 'Paste The Backup Data Here Without the Outer " marks')

Step 8:
It should have worked, click refresh and click "Check".


- If the "Check" button has disappeared then you probably messed something up.
The following step will fix the issue, but will delete all of your marked songs, so I hope you backed them up properly.

Open your console and paste window.localStorage.removeItem('marked');
Now if you refresh it should show the "Check" button again.
You will have to follow from Step 5 again to add your marked songs.

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