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Our rules.

1. Only songs in the Japanese language and/or songs from Japanese Anime* can be played.

  • Dubbed music/Non-Japanese covers are not allowed.

  • Only AMVs that have music in the Japanese language or music from an Anime are allowed. Same goes for MAD/MEPs.
    Please be considerate and try to avoid playing videos with major spoilers in them.

  • Don't repeat songs.

  1. If you have a small playlist or you keep playing the same songs over and over you will be skipped.
    Also songs played in the past 12 hours will be skipped. (Check the DJ history before playing.)

  2. Do not play the same song twice within 6 of your dj turns. SenpaiScript can help you avoid this.

  3. Do not play overplayed songs.

  4. It's advisable to not play songs that were played already this week, or even this month. Finding new songs makes the room better.

  5. This includes different versions of the song, such as covers and remixes or songs that sound very similar.

  • Well known songs from Anime without Japanese lyrics are not always allowed.
    If it was not made for the Anime, play a version that was in the Anime and says so in the title or video. Example of song not allowed.

  • Songs that are in both English and Japanese are allowed. (Decent amount of Japanese is required) Example


  • Instrumental music from Anime is allowed. Instrumental Touhou and Visual Novel music is also usually allowed. (Ask staff)

  • Songs from Japanese Anime means that you cannot play songs from "Influenced by Anime" shows.
    (Like RWBY and Avatar which are not Japanese.

* Anime refers only to drawn shows and not video games or other animated material of Japanese origin.

2. Please keep songs under 8 minutes long and only play one song per turn.

No extended versions of songs, loops or medleys.

3. Songs have to be enjoyable.

  • No obnoxious mixes or MADs (including but not limited to Anime characters repeating a few lines over and over again.)

  • No edited songs with artificially sped up/slowed down vocals or artificial vocal pitch changes. (This includes all nightcore, but only some remixes) Example Another Example

  • Music should not have terribly low audio quality. If you need help finding a good quality version, just ask. :)


  • Songs like this are not allowed. (but link them to us in chat, because they are hilarious.)


  • No mashups/songs that contain Non-Japanese/Non-Anime Music or contain too much talking. like dis  or dis

4. No spoilers in chat! (What happens or doesn't happen in a show/movie/story etc.)

5. Don't request for people to add you as a friend or advertise in chat.

6. Be nice, no one likes a meanie.

  • This includes getting into fights, calling names, spamming, constantly ripping on other DJs taste of music and so on.

7.  Don't use Auto-Join/Auto-Friend/Auto-Meh scripts or use any scripts/program that can cause harm.


  • If you are unsure if your script or program is allowed, please ask before using it.

8.  Keep the chat and videos Safe for Work.

  • Videos with Nudity or overly sexual images are not allowed.


  • Songs with sexual thumbnails are not allowed.


  • Don't post links to porn or very sexual images.


  • As long as your goal is not to offend people, cursing is allowed.

Rules - Real Anime

Still unsure if your song is allowed?

Check out our Rules Flows, and automatic banned song checker.

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