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Can I Play This Song?

Is the song annoying/low quality/nightcore/NSFW?

Single Song

Does it contain more than one song, or loop?

Japanese Lyrics

Are there Japanese lyrics?


Is it instrumental?


Is it from Touhou or a Visual Novel?

Real Anime

Is it from a real anime in Japanese?

Official Dub

Is it from an official source?

50 Songs

Has it been played today?

8 mins

Is it over 8 minutes long?

Anime Instrumental

Is it from a real anime?


Can't play

No, you cannot play that song.

Play it

Yes, you can play the song, if it's not overplayed.

Ask Staff

Make sure that the song has not been played today or overplayed and then ask the staff if it's ok.

Over 8 mins

Songs that are longer than 8 minutes will be skipped at the 8 minute mark.


Songs that are longer than 20 minutes will be skipped without playing.

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