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Welcome to the Anime music and Japanese music Room!

Here are some things that will help you make the most of your time with us.


1. If you are new to make sure to read this quick guide on the interface. This is how to make a playlist.


2. Before playing a song make sure that you have read and understood our rules.

Try to play songs that were not played all day. This will help make everyone's experience better.

3. Use SenpaiScript!

SenpaiScript will help to check your songs to see if they are banned, help you avoid skips and it has AutoWoot and other cool features included.


4. If you disconnected and lost your waitlist spot, do the !dc command in chat before joining the waitlist. (Unless it's full)


5. If you need help or have any questions be sure to ask our room staff. Staff have arrows/pink discs near their names.
(Purple discs are not staff.)

Have fun!

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