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Installing SenpaiScript or AutoWoot on Chrome for Android or iPhone

Step 1:

Go to a room in the Chrome app, and request the desktop version of the site.

Step 2:

Bookmark this page.

Step 3:

Go to your bookmarks.

Step 4:

Edit the new bookmark.

Step 5:

Change the bookmark name to "SenapiScript" and copy all of the following into the URL:

javascript:(function(){$.getScript ('');}());

Step 6:

  1. Go back to the same tab of the room you opened.

  2. In the address bar of that tab, search for "SenpaiScript".

  3. Click the bookmark result that you just created.

Step 7:

See that it loaded.

Step 8:

Enable notifications. (Android Only)

Step 9:

If you are an user, then learn about all the unique SenpaiScript features here.

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